Monday, February 13, 2017

Did you know?
Because our food blog is awesome, we would like to share some awesome little facts with you. I bet you didn’t know these facts.

Did you know...
1. Pumpkins and avocados are fruits not vegetables.

2. Banana is not a fruit in reality, it is a herb.

3. A strawberry is not an actual berry, but a banana is.

4. Kiwi contains twice as much Vitamin C as an orange

5. Red fruits help keep your heart strong.

All About Tuttifrutti

About us:

Hello guys,

We’re three youths who love fruit! We would like to share some of our love for fruit with other youngsters, so we are going to post some delicious recipes with fruit every day. With this blog, we hope that the youth will eat more fruit and enjoy it! It’s a fun way to make sure that children eat enough fruit.

As we already said, we are three young cookers: Klaas, Sara and Eva. About a year ago, we started to meet each other to cook together. The first time we met, our cooking skills were a disaster, so we made a deal that we would come together more often so we could practice and learn how to cook. Every time someone else brought a new recipe. We always had a lot of fun preparing these meals together. It didn’t always go as planned and a lot of meals were uneatable, but we kept practicing and now we are almost real chefs.
When you cook together, you get to know each other better and that’s how we found out that the three of us like fruit very much and at that moment we started fantasizing about our own blog. In the beginning we were just joking, but the longer we were thinking about it, the more we believed that making a blog was an excellent idea. So now, our dream has come true and we made our blog named Tutti Frutti. We don’t think Tutti Frutti is a real word, but it sounds a bit Italian for ‘all kinds of fruit’ and that is the perfect description for our blog. We hope you will enjoy reading our blog and trying our recipes.Tutti Frutti.jpg

Fruit contains a lot of vitamins, there are a lot of different types of fruit and they all taste good: the perfect ingredient for the best recipes and cooking ideas. Fruit is also an ingredient you can eat hot or cold, so that’s why there are a million of different ways to be creative with this type of food. Because most of the people only know 5 or 6 different types of fruit, we also want to bring you in touch with some exotic fruits like guava, lychee, dragon fruit, nespera,... You will not only learn how to cook in a creative and nice way, you will also learn something about the ingredients you cook with and we hope you will get inspired to experiment with food yourself.

On our blog we will post a new recipe with a different type of fruit every day. Some recipes are self made, others are recipes we have found on the internet and that we tried out ourselves.We will also make video’s in which we’ll show you how to make the most delicious meals, snacks, desserts and way more. Not only you will come in contact with new cooking ideas, we will also share some funny facts and did you know’s about fruit. We will bring a lot of variety in our blog and you’ll never be bored if you visit our together.jpg

When you are together with some friends and you don’t really know what to do, checking our blog is the perfect way to fill your time. Together you can try out some new recipes or you can play a lot of games and tricks with fruit like fruit body shots ;)
Cooking together can bring people together; it’s fun, tasty and you can learn something new.

We like to cook and want to bring over our passion for fruit to you, like our passion for passion fruit. ;)
Here’s a little sneak peak of things we are going to make and put on our blog: banana chips, chocolate strawberries, caramel apples, the most refreshing smoothies,…; This and way more, you will find on our delicious blog.

Have fun and bon app├ętit!